If I had lonely
by Seth Stauffer

If I had only known, and now I am lonely
Planning for the rightest of myself to stay strong here.
I stumble around, slipping throught sweaty palms and kissing them
Softly with fingertips,
And lose
My anger, younger hands now lined,
Now eyes that see stars in your belly
Placed there.

Damn this.
All my loft and unforgettable neverwills.
My resting of emotions, cast tingling in my cheeds.
This strength that I must crush you with.
Damn this.

Hymn to me.
God, you are so sorry to see in this.
Weigh equal parts of myself off
And hate
My hands and what they've done to you and your base fragileness.
Sorrow, for stopping to break you into millions of
Pieces to always be now picking up.

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