by John Horváth,Jr


(I'll never wear anything green as long as I live)

in front of the searchlight Hanoi static loud and clear
on the radio on top of the sandbag bunker reading playboy
after dark not to be swapped even for Bangkok R-n-R

in the middle of the goddamn jungle waiting for ink to melt
off the page where some dimwit scumcensor inked over tits
cause there are things our boys shouldn't see, some deb-
mom don't want no whacking before the coming out, see.

read some jadedjane lines Hannah some fromhome news
while I'm ripe for pickin off, don-giv-a-shit satisfied
up-to-now with my life 'cause I did the right thing,
pushed into bodybags boys to their ma-n-paws
cleaned unsocial boogers off of their teary-eyes
for congressmen daddies (who am I kidding)
to be proud of their college-kid second-lieu's
right onto the battlefield from johnwayne school

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