by Thomas Stein

    sitting at the desk in front of my class
    reviewing lecture notes as I await the top of the hour
    the student's languid eyes are on me &
    I know with total certainty & absolute empathy
    how that robot of abraham lincoln felt
    at the 1965 world's fair

    michelangelo's pieta was there too
    shipped from Italy to a cardboard vatican
    you whizzed by it NYC style
    standing on a conveyor belt
    & when the fair was over
    the marble was shipped back to Rome
    where a maniac bashed
    mary's face with a hammer

    honest abe was in the general electric pavilion
    circular it whirled like a carousel
    taking audiences seated in small theatres
    to various historical tableau
    starting probably with dinosaurs &
    moving on to...what...I don't recall
    but ending with honest abe

    the word was abe actually stood up
    from a seated position & spoke convincingly
    looking & sounding so inspirational
    he left you feeling good about yourself &
    america as the family exited general electric's pavilion
    maybe stopping outside for one of those
    ice cream waffle sandwiches
    you'd see half eaten hunks of floating
    in the reflecting pools of the future.

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