Museum Finds
by Anca Vlasopolos

    in this city you know
    though in waking you remember
    it resembling nowhere you’ve been
    like a sketch at a rummage sale
    hidden behind cracked ceramic pots
    where in a frame slightly askew
    you recognize the curve of a street
    and the motley on sycamores
    gambols before your startled eye familiarly

    in this city’s museum
    the double-headed monster has grown
    into a ravishing beauty who makes love
    to herself in dreamlike movements inside
    her formaldehyde jar
    and the stuffed hummingbirds
    have unpinned themselves
    pierced at the glass till it gave and are now
    freeing the Amazon butterflies

    for some reason despite recalling faultlessly
    the dioramas where the stag is brought down
    by a wolf pack
    polar bear stalking baby seal
    small bird in talons
    harried by crows
    you linger to witness the vivifection
    for some dream reason you
    do not run

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