Like Snow
by Lisa Walsh-Miller

    Later on
    When I dream of kissing you I
    will be asleep in
    my room
    nightgown twisted around my legs,
    and I will have tossed and turned all night
    in a large bed with blue

    Today all day
    whole moments
    passed through
    wet glass, glistening,
    where I felt you brush against me
    on the stairs, while alone
    where the promise of your light
    brought laughter,
    where your arms and back and neck
    distracted me.

    Tonight on the train
    I slept and swayed
    and woke, the
    metal of the train car
    screaming in my ears,
    bits of light, flashing color
    The train bringing
    me closer and closer
    faster and faster to my home.

    There I found nothing but
    the strong scent of black coffee
    lingering from morning.
    Soon I will retire,
    feel your breathing,
    hear your heartbeat
    smell you
    like snow.

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