The Cut
by Shoshauna Shy

Receiving the championship trophy
can be bittersweet
Just ask any player
on the best team for
a 60-mile radius how it feels
to have the coach call
day the season ends
Sorry, bud, you been replaced
Didn't want to do it but
your timing's off
Means the loss of possession
and besides
the odds were high you'd
lose your spot
Some fifty boys turned out
that night

Your ma did what she could
trailing me to my car
after everybody left
talking up how you practice
each morning even when
the family heads
to the beach
'Can't pull him away'
pride a lopsided invite
down her face

It isn't that you
are any less quick
Couple boys made it
by the skin of their teeth
and who knows
come next June
you could be the one
knock somebody off
Just keep missing
those days
at the beach

And don't let this ruin
your summer none
You set that trophy where
it can be seen
When it catches the sun
it will hold the same sheen
as the others we managed
to get you
this season

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