Sylvia's Fire
by Solana (Sunny) d'Lamant

I want to be kissed
until I free-fall from
pink marble cliffs
into the unknown canyons of your mouth.

I want to fall into the feathered softness
of thick lips like lippows
from where I¹ll have to
float back to conscious light.

Kissed until my toes curl
and I swim in the warm
chocolate pools of Eden's real garden.

Kiss me until I forget my name,
until I forget the I of me,
until I blend with air-born dust.

Kiss me unil my lips swell and burn
like raspberries
with your body's intentions.

I want to lie down
on forest stream banks
where the only green
above me are your eyes
containing all the forest senses
and the dampness
of the river soaks
through it¹s bed and us.

I want to make a nest
in your chest hairs
like a small bird
and fluff and preen
and settle in.

And when you lay
your hairy body on my sleek
skin and begin to move,
you become a rhythic living loofah.

I want the pressure of your lips
to rosify my skin
so that I'll be blushed
when I see God.

My lover, my priest,
kiss me holy.

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