The Longing
by Bobby Offerdahl

Trying to find solitude
In red and yellow
Tumbling fall leaves
And a kite flying breeze
Blowing in from the west.

It's the fifth year
I've been on my own
Since that fateful day
When I nearly never saw
This season anymore.

Time spent in utter shock
As the whistling winds of fate
Swept my life, my dreams,
My family away
With a cool autumn gust.

It seemed like forever
I wanted to wake
To the warm yellow air
That would fill our room
This time of year.

To brush your hair
From my face and watch
As silver maple leaves
Softly dance, tapping
Against the window pane.

To feel your hot breasts
Burn the palm of my hand
When, across the wood floor,
The cold morning draft
Hits my bare back.

Bodies huddled.
Thigh against thigh.
Souls intertwined.
Children laughing
In leaf piles outside.

It's frightening how time
Erases what could
Keep the insanity
From happening all over.
Leaving only the longing.

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