Hometown Song
by Melody King

 My hometown
___slick .45 smoking
___burning like a cigarette butt
___wasted in the gutter
___steel gray smokestacks
___fingering the sky
 ___with ruthless claws
___promising trains sighing freedom
___catch me
___vanishing ghost in the mist

Siren's screaming
bass shaking
cadillac slammed down to the bloodstained asphalt

hold your ear to the ground
for the sound of danger
close your mouth don't
taste it
arsenic laced dark chocolate

My hometown
___lightening smoldering in July
___streaking across a black sky
___hot pants sticking to vinyl seats

___fields of tomatoes
___rotting in November
___reaching miles towards cool green mountains
___like shoulders rolling away
___a discontented lover

___winter days trapped in fog
___warmth and sunshine
___cruel summer illusions

Hold your ear to the ground
___the sound of danger seductive
stick out your tongue to
taste it
arsenic laced dark chocolate

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