Red River Review

Our featured poet for Aug
ust 2016 is Robert Dean, Jr...

1Having Wonderful Time by Robert L. Dean, Jr.
2Sallee's Sallon by Robert L. Dean, Jr.
3The Viewing by Robert L. Dean, Jr.
4They Run Free Like a River of Wild Horses by Robert L. Dean, Jr.
5Walking Ms. Dog by Robert L. Dean, Jr.
6Laurel Canyon Morning by Travis Blair
7Aromas of Marrakesh by Rose Mary Boehm
9Let's go Persian by Rose Mary Boehm
10Ribbon Tree by Hal C Clark
11Shop by Richard Dinges, Jr.
11With Time by Hal C Clark
12Brands by Mary Margaret Dougherty
12The Skyscraper, revisited by Mary Margaret Dougherty
13Ghost Riders at Two Frogs Restaurant by Robert Ferrier
14Wandering Mind by Bill Glose
15If Ever I Loved Thunder by Carol Hamilton
16Joe Bob's Shop by Carol Hamilton
17Studio Apartment by Dion Kempthorne
18What then..? by Phil Kirby
19the emporer's new clothes by John P. Kristofco
20The man who turned inside-out by Sean Lause
21Dog Day Poems by Patrick Meighan
22Soft Boiled by Patty Mooney
23The Cotton Pickers by Benjamin Nash
24Cheese by Anne Britting Oleson
25The Sere and Yellow Leaf by Anne Britting Oleson
26Afghanistan misery index by Timothy Pilgrim
27Alvin Pepler at the Gym by Charles Rammelkamp
28Rigoletto by Charles Rammellkamp
29Severed by Dawn Schout
30His First Day of School by Larry Thomas
31Offsprings of Extremes by Loretta Diane Walker
32Alternatives to Violence Lunch Meeting by Laura Grace Weldon
33a couple of things to remember by Erin Wilson

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Thanks to
Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.