Red River Review

Welcome to our May 2018 Issue. Alan L. Birkelbach is our featured poet this issue.

1Ablaut Reduplication by Alan L. Birkelbach
2Finally Setting Questions Aside by Alan L. Birkelbach
3Ten Months After The Divorce by Alan L. Birkelbach
4What is Significant by Alan L. Birkelbach
5When they would tear books up so they wouldn’t be resold by Alan L. Birkelbach
6Sheep in Space by Kevin Acers
7The Emperor of America by Kevin Acers
8Eternal Ocean by Gavin Austin
9Something I Could Count On by Dennis J Bernstein
10From Scottish Dialect by Lew Caccia
11Eternity Turn by Winston Derden
12Writer's Bloc by Ray Greenblatt
13Tokens of a Spring Morning by Carol Hamilton
14What Part of No by Patricia L. Hamilton
15Bat by John A Hicks
16Blue Ghost by Michael Keshigian
17What To Do With Intangibleles by Michael Keshigian
18Never Date an Egyptologist by John David Muth
19Old Acquaintance by Robert Nisbet
20Untitled Poem by Simon Perchik
21After Four Years There, I Decide to Get a Phone by Samuel Prestridge
22The Moors by Martin A. Ramos
23Twisters in Sequence by Martin A. Ramos
24Object by Bill Richard
25Juliet Balcony #2 by Kevin Ridgeway
26The Library by Gillian Telford
27A Suspicion of Omens by Michele Waering
28Rain Elegy by Maryfrances Wagner
29Tonight by Loretta Diane Walker
30curtains by Rob Walker
31Venus and the Moon by Rob Walker
32Boom Car by Diane Webster
33I Find it Strangely Comforting by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue
34In the botanicum by Jesse Wolfe

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Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.