Red River Review

Our featured poet for Aug
ust 2013 is Clarence Wolfshohl...

1Aunt Viola by Clarence Wolfshohl
2Chaff Dancing in the Air by Clarence Wolfshohl
3Our First Christmas by Clarence Wolfshohl
4Shoe Shine by Clarence Wolfshohl
5Uncle Dutch Tells His Story After a Decade by Clarence Wolfshohl
6Girls who are sometimes mistaken for models by Tyler Bigney
7Hospital Vamp by Travis Blair
8Once upon a time he'd been granted political asylum by Rose Mary Boehm
9Consequences by Frances Briggs
10Confidence, 2003 by William Briggs
11The 20th Century by John J. Brugaletta
12N P K A by Hal C Clark
13Men and Women by Wanda Morrow Clevenger
14Sea life by Rob Clucas-Tomlinson
15Stress Test by Joan Colby
16"Gov. Perry's Response" by Brian Fanelli
17Waiting Room by Rebecca Gomezrueda
18The Caves of Ismaron by Deb Hawken
19Stagnant Land by Allan Holguin
20Rejection Acceptance by Ann Howells
21america's junk bonds by Maureen Kingston
22bandstand hospitality by Maureen Kingston
23the box by Maureen Kingston
24To whom it may concern by Paul Koniecki
25Marginalized and Mad About It by Jennifer Lagier
26Who's to Judge? by Jennifer Lagier
27The Lord Giveth, the Lord Taketh Away by Fred Longworth
28This Is Just To Say by Fred Longworth
29Sheol by Wade Martin
30Rat Poison by Maria Masington
31Bone Graft by Joan Mazza
32Blood by Louise McKenna
33The Veteran by Penny Michalski
34The Politics of Scarcity by Benjamin Nash
35Hoops by Christine Nichols
36Juliet by Dayna Patterson
37Veteran by Dayna Patterson
38Closet by Charles Rammelkamp
39Because We are Gamers by Martin A. Ramos
40The Latest Edition by Ben Rasnic
41Faint Hope, by Pinstripe Out of Dream Girl by Gayle Reaves-King
42war by Marit Rogne
43Candy by Val Dering Rojas
44Subcontinent by Akiva J. Savett
45Echoes by D. N. Simmers
46Amicus Poetica by Karen Stromberg
47Parolee by Larry D. Thomas
48ComPost (for Alexandra Petri) by Robert Tustin
49Non Denominational by Robert Tustin
50Stone Child by Loretta Diane Walker

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Thanks to
Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.