Red River Review

Welcome to our August 2017 issue! Our featured poet is
Carol Reposa.

1A Baja Girlhood by Carol Coffee Reposa
2Concert at St. Mark's, San Antonio by Carol Coffee Reposa
3Fracking in South Texas by Carol Coffee Reposa
4Lincoln in an Upscale Mall by Carol Coffee Reposa
5Signing the Will by Carol Coffee Reposa
6One Night in Samos by David Adès
7Mostly, This Poem is Not About Autumn by Mike Ambrose
8Peter Pan by Rose Mary Boehm
9The Summer Mike Nicholson Died by Séamas Carraher
10Lauren by Martin Christmas
11Ping by Diana L Conces
12Little Darling by Natalie Crick
13Keeping Secrets by Barbara Gregg
14Delusions of Youth by Carol Hamilton
15The Zombie Minotaur by Danielle Hanson
16Willow Ptarmigan by Danielle Hanson
17row by Robert Krantz
18Clearly by Sharon Larsen
19Moment in New York (after Rich Zaner) by Christopher McCarthy
20Bureaucrats by Robert Nisbet
21question by James Owens
22Magic Hat by Nynke Passi
23The Rose by Nynke Passi
24Rear View, Airport View by Kevin Ridgeway
25Chasm by Shubh Bala Schiesser
26Bacchus Was Here by James Shelley
27The Purpose of Feasting by Ross Stager
28Stillborn by Ryan Stone
29Joyrides by Dee Susong
30The Grammar of Juggling by Jeffrey L. Taylor
31The Forgetting Game by Carl Wade Thompson
32Acupuncture by Jonathan Glenn Travelstead
33Top Shelf by Loretta Diane Walker
34Hear the Horses Scream by Ron Wallace
35St. Christopher by Ron Wallace
36Paradise Found/Lost (a Petrarchan sonnet) by Mindy Watson
37Practice Saying Good-bye by Jack Weitzman

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Thanks to
Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.