Red River Review

Our featured poet for
November 2014 is Travis Blair...

1Black & White Photo of Mom, 1942 by Travis Blair
2Breakfast on the Beach by Travis Blair
3Departures by Travis Blair
4Everything's OK on the LBJ by Travis Blair
5Finn's Grill & Icehouse by Travis Blair
6Mogen David and Fifty Shades by Travis Blair
7Baptisms By Fire by Dennis J Bernstein
8Autumn Vigil by Doug Bolling
9Fingerprints by Paul Cefalu
10Earworm by Sara Clancy
11We Would Have Missed by Joan Colby
12Going Out into the Desert Again by Jim Daniels
13Back (for Maggie) by Jim Davis
14Looking for Intimacy That Never Was by Darren C. Demaree
15Traffic Patterns Vary by Wendy Freborg
16Downsize by Cristine A. Gruber
17In Beirut Today by Michael Gullickson
18Mystery by Ken Hada
19Willful Ignorance by Victor Henry
2013 Ways to Get Published by Ann Howells
21The Carriers by Ashley Hutson
22Lobotomy by Seth Jani
23Loneliness Motel by Michael Keshigian
24Knife River Reverie by Steve Klepetar
25Respect by Steve Klepetar
26Grandma At Markleeville by Jennifer Lagier
27Theology At The Dutch Bar by Joshua Martin
28To Ann Howells— by Wade Martin
29Thirst by Jeanetta Calhoun Mish
30Surviving Pamplona by Mark A. Murphy
31Upside-Down by Vincent Joseph Noto
32Twilight by Anderson O'Brien
33November by JoyAnne O'Donnell
34Basement Storage by Al Ortolani
35On a Motorcycle Too Heavy for Trails by Al Ortolani
36We Knew by Michael Owens
37Putting up Plums by Karen Bingham Pape
38The Orb Weaver Outside My Bay Window by Sammy Parker
39The Poetess by Juan Perez
40Wear It Like A Cape by Cathy Porter
41Elegiacally by Mark Ramirez
42A Pit Stop at the Kimbell Art Museum, FT. Worth by Kevin Ridgeway
43At the Crandall Cotton Gin by Kevin Ridgeway
44Fried Pickles by Kevin Ridgeway
45Polaroid by A. R. Rogers
46Disconnect Blues by Dan Rowell
47My Mother Was Buried by David Sapp
48Estate Sale by Richard Schnap
49A King Arthur Home by Monterey Sirak
50Artists by David Smedley
51Dancing With the Dishes by Sunnie Dawn Smith
52Drought by Sandra Soli
53Park, Grass, Bird by Sandra Soli
54Be Sweet by Karen Stromberg
55November by John Daniel Thieme
56She is Everywhere by B. A. Varghese
57Illusion by Loretta Diane Walker
58my poetry blog by Rob Walker
59Disposable by Anne Walters
60Last Image of Mom by Diane Webster
61Chupacabra Listens to Conjunto by Clarence Wolfshohl
62Under the Golden Dragon by Clarence Wolfshohl

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Thanks to
Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.