Red River Review

Our featured poet for
February is Benjamin Myers, the 2016-2017 Poet Laureate of Oklahoma

1After the Flood by Benjamin Myers
2Culvert by Benjamin Myers
3Down the Throat of Drought by Benjamin Myers
4Mosquito Hawk by Benjamin Myers
5Slide Rule by Benjamin Myers
6Antelope Valley by Kevin Acers
7Crow Face up in a Frozen Pond by Kevin Acers
8Fire Me Up by David Adès
9Mirror by Shazia Ali
10chocolate violin by Michael D. Amitin
11Musical-Roots by Dennis J Bernstein
12The Wheelbarrow by Seth Copeland
13 What Remains of the Day by Holly Day
14One too many from the looking glass by Darius Ajai Frasure
15If Only I Had Made An Impression by John Grey
16Edge of it All by Bradley Mason Hamlin
17A True Summer's Day by Olivia Inwood
18A House Of Cards by Michael Keshigian
19February Stains by Patrick Meighan
20Chorus Sutra by Laurence Musgrove
21Failure by Laurence Musgrove
22The Busker by Robert Nisbet
23Let Them Conclude by Rollo Nye
24Home Remedies by Patty Dickson Pieczka
25Day of the Dead: The Bride by Sylvia Riojas Vaughn
26Message At Giza by Ajise Vincent
27Old Man Eyes by Diane Webster
28Mullings Over Scent of Skunk by Clarence Wolfshohl
29The Magnificent Zazel by Clarence Wolfshohl
30Yellow Chalk by Chila Woychik
31Death of God by Richard Zaner

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Thanks to
Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.