Red River Review

Our featured poet for
February is David Adès...

1A Father's Call by David Adès
2And the Silence by David Adès
3Fallen by David Adès
4The Requirement by David Adès
5What the Children Here Know by David Adès
6North Texas Summer by Michael Baldwin
7The World's End by Bob Bradshaw
8Walking in the Rain With Robert Frost by Craig Brandis
9An Actor's Lament by Frank De Canio
10Elephantiasis by Frank De Canio
11Dear Dad by Julie Chappell
12The Revenant by Julie Chappell
13Tree and the Building by Deepak Chaswal
14Rehearsal No. One by Tammy Daniel
15Snakes by Donna M. Davis
16The $1 Theatre & the Philosophy of Mind by Paul Dickey
17Help Never Arrives at the Dollar General in Medicine Park by Maureen DuRant
18Deathbed Day by Eric Evans
19Collisions by Rebecca Fremo
20To a Historian Perhaps Unborn by Brian Glaser
21Champagne Baths by John Grochalski
22cupcakes by John Grochalski
23Arcing by Ken Hada
24To Try (Transgender Day of Remembrance) by Michael Helsem
25Pokeweed by Mike James
26Cemetery Silence by Michael Keshigian
27All of Us Many by Charles Kesler
28Secret by Poornima Laxmeshwar
29Counting the leaves by Michael Mark
30Line by Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco
31After the Ice Storm by Patrick Meighan
32Bending Down to Pick Things Up by William Minor
33Prescription by Helena Minton
34Just a Peek, by Neal Ostman
35Venez Donc by Neal Ostman
36Karma by William Page
37This Mysterious Garden Earth by Martin A. Ramos
38Painting in the Hills of Kentucky by Jenni Singleton
39The Making of Friends by Jenni Singleton
40Obituary by M.R. Smith
41Cousins by Debra Spronz
42The Vision by Debra Spronz
43Noon Meal by Dr. Charles A. Stone
44Reluctant Ghost by Dr. Charles A. Stone
45Polar Bears Will Not Become Extinct by Sandi Stromberg
46Black-tailed Jackrabbit by Larry D. Thomas
47To Our Destinations by Larry D. Thomas
48Ursus Americanus by Larry D. Thomas
49Night Bird by Don Thompson
51If I Told You by Sabrina Vilaysack
52Pheromones by Lindsey Wayland

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Thanks to
Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.