Red River Review

1Healing by Michael Keshigian
2Married Life by Michael Keshigian
3Moonlight by Michael Keshigian
4Retrospective by Michael Keshigian
5Sailing by Michael Keshigian
6The Heart, Always by David Adès
7Ivy by Carol Alexander
8Code of Conduct, 1976 by Elizabeth Beck
9What I Now Know by Alan Berecka
10Casualties by Rumjhum Biswas
11The Eldest Child and Her Mother Talk About Death by Erica Bodwell
12Refugees by Seamas Carraher
13Gas Station by Michael Catherwood
14Arlington by Angela Corbet
15Double Dip by Chris Crittenden
16The Silent Adoration of Now by William Cullen Jr
17Exemplum by Philip Dacey
18Mary Gets Going, Circa 1943 by Pat Daneman
19Noise Pollution by Mark Danowsky
20Functional by Holly Day
21Praying by Jennifer M. Dean
22Estelle Turner by Jeffrey DeLotto
23To the Unknown Voice by Neil Ellman
24Around the Sun Without a Sail by Richard Fenwick
25She Ain't Got No Yoyo by Ariel Fintushel
26Dead Dog Poem by Elizabeth Garcia
27A Dream of Leaf-Dance by Taylor Graham
28Our New State by J.D. Hibbitts
29Finding Paradise by Ed Higgins
30Driving All Night by Ann Howells
31Gizmo's Salvage by Roger Jones
32Distance by Charles Kesler
33Nothing Like It Before by Tyrel Kessinger

34Truth by Eric Kibitel Bay Shore High School Award Winner

35Leaving Wat Phnom by Hillary Kobernick
36Letter Home by Hillary Kobernick
37D. Samson, 36, (BAC, .19) Enters on the Exit Ramp by Nathaniel Lanman
38I Thought I Left Big Hair by Hillary Lyon
39Polish by Hillary Lyon
40Solstice Stew by Wade Martin
41Anesthetic by Heather McGrew
42The Loan of Smile by Sonnet Mondal
43Heiligenkreuzerhof by Alexander Motyl
44The Seamstress by Terri Muuss
45Notes my mother wrote by Barrie Neller
46Suburban Cancer by Nathanael O'Reilly
47Applause for Widow Audubon by Al Ortolani
48Mystical Pumpkins by Richard Peake
49Home Cooking in Cobb County by Mark Perry
50A Teacher Shops for the Finer Things by John Pierce
51the harvest by John Reoli
52Flighty Hands by Saga Ringmar
53Key of Em by Silvi Saxena
54Thanksgiving's Over by Jim Schneider
55Pavement by Kelsey Shipman
56Will She Fall? by Mark Smith
57Bringing Something by Maranda Stewart
58Bathroom Mirror by Andrew J. Stone
59Westminster Abbey by Emma Townley-Smith
60When I took a wrong turn by Sylvia Riojas Vaughn
61Original clichés by rob walker
62Holiday Leftovers by Diane Webster
63As Good As New by Denise R. Weuve
64US Coast Guard by Megan Willoughby

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Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.