Red River Review

Our featured poet for Aug
ust 2014 is David Bowles...

1kill the muse by David Bowles
2Lovely Thing by David Bowles
3Palimpsest Soul by David Bowles
4Sleeping with the Enemy by David Bowles
5taming by David Bowles
6Tessitura by David Bowles
7The Paradoxical Axiom by David Bowles
8Tzompantli by David Bowles
9Weathered and Wind-dressed by David Bowles
10Rain by Simon Anton Nino Diego Baena
11at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport by Joschua Beres
12Ceremonial rights by Claire Berger
13Renoir at Les Collettes by Byron Beynonb
14Cripple by Rose Mary Boehm
15East West by Rose Mary Boehm
16I’ve come a long way since analog by Rose Mary Boehm
17Lost and Found by Heather M. Browne
18The Window by Catherine Cimillo Cavallone
19On Your Left by Philip Dacey
20Triolet for Bernard by Philip Dacey
21Small Fish by Mark Danowsky
22Follow Rivers by Benjamin DeVos
23Pacem in Terris in memoriam Frederick Franck by M. DorettaCrnell
24After Bashō by Margaret Dornaus
25Annie Oakley’s Spring Showdown by Margaret Dornaus
26Bar Scene by J.K. Durick
27He Cut Down the Cottonwood by Carol Hamilton
28The Crows Gather in August by Carol Hamilton
29Watering After Summer by Carol Hamilton
30Gender Roles by Patricia L. Hamilton
31The Train from Oxford by Patricia L. Hamilton
32legends of the falls by Art Heifetz
33Selva Negra by Art Heifetz
34To the Lady Who Gave Out Pencils on Halloween by Paul Hostovsky
35After the Bankruptcy by Sara Hughes
36Song by Andrelo San Juan
37The Process by Michael Keshigian
38Dirge by Jennifer Lagier
39Fallout shelter by Sean Lause
40My father taken prisoner in the hospital by Sean Lause
41Step Right Up by Ron. Lavalette
42Contraband by Charles Levenstein
43Ritual Bath by Bernice Lewis
44Snapshot of the West by Bernice Lewis
45The Bunkhouse Mirror by Bernice Lewis
46The Artist by Jennifer Luckenbill
47Of Salmon and Shaman by Ralph Monday
48Pine Tree with Jesus Crown of Thorns by Ralph Monday
49Layover by Deanna K. Morris
50This Patched Town, This Home by John Graves Morris
51Compasses by Michael Pacholski
52The Story by Michael Pacholski
53The Music of the Spheres by Ken Poyner
54Widow by Ken Poyner
55How My Anatomy Has Changed by Jessy Randall
56Pinata by Daniel G. Reinhold
57Punctuating Adrian by Charlotte Renk
58Christmas Eve Conversion by Carol Coffee Reposa
59Fable for the Red Dynasties by Carol Coffee Reposa
60Dowsers by Russell Rowland
61Ethical Shots by Russell Rowland
62Untitled by James Sanchez
63Iconoclast by Jeff Santosuosso
64Sweetness by Jeff Santosuosso
65Malaise by Sreyash Sarkar
66Daughter of the Osmanthus River by Danelle Stamps
67Dr. Grabow Pipe by Larry D. Thomas
68Of money & hands by Sylvia Riojas Vaughn
69No Reason by Catherine Weiss
70Where to Begin My Memoir? by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue
71I Wish I Were by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue

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Thanks to
Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.