Red River Review - February 2000

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1Appendectomy Over Axis Waters by Liza Bachman
2It was spring and the aliens had landed by Liza Bachman
3A Final Note On The Weight of Breath by Andy Buck
4A Strong Desire for Something Filling by Deborah Byrne
5Devil Sighting in Kidron, Ohio by Deborah Byrne
6Farthest Thoughts by Deborah Byrne
7After Fumigation by Dee Cohen
8Another Country by Dee Cohen
9Catalina by Dee Cohen
10Another language by Solana (Sunny) d'Lamant
11Sylvia's Fire by Solana (Sunny) d'Lamant
12LINDO BRUCHE by robert klein engler
13Beyond the Foliage by David Harbilas
14Midnight Snack by David Harbilas
15The Conversation by David Harbilas
16The Critics by David Harbilas
17 La Lumièr (For Carole) by Miriam Kalman Harris
18Of Headlines and Morning Coffee: A Sestina by Michelle Holland
19A Dream of One Autumn by J. Anna Jacus
20The Razor by J. Anna Jacus
21those days... by Tobey Kaplan
22Joe's Siblings by Lori Kean
23Hometown Song by Melody King
24Run for It by Susanna Lang
25She Really Did by Susanna Lang
26Shiva by Susanna Lang
27Blue Rain by Barbara F. Lefcowitz
28Color Key by Barbara F. Lefcowitz
29rain shadows by Barbara F. Lefcowitz
30Those Left Behind by Barbara F. Lefcowitz
31Lone Wolf @MM by Timothy M. Leonard
32BIG KNIFE POET by Fred Longworth
33Conch by Ed Madden
34The Walls by m k mcclure
35The Sea from San Pedro, Pt. Fermin Park by David Newman
36The Fort by Bobby Offerdahl
37The Longing by Bobby Offerdahl
38slow notes found rhythms by Rex Pryor
39The Cut by Shoshauna Shy
40Under the Chapel by Judah Skoff
41Comfort & Joy by Christopher Soden
42INNOCENT WINDOW by John L. Stanizzi
43Continuity by Daniel Sumrall
44Memorial Day by Edward Wier

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