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1I Took It with Me Somehow by William L. Alton
2Learning to Write by William L. Alton
3Love, Dad by Jonathan Bolick
4Telemachus to Odysseus by Beau Boudreaux
5Barefoot Man in the Snow by Theresa Boyar
6Enough And Everything Else by David Breeden
7New Hours by Cherie Bullock
8Rite of Passage: 1960 by Vincent Canizaro Jr.
9macaroni microwave dinner by Leigh Corrigan
10The Autobiography by Bob Craig
11News of the Crash by Ann M. DeVenezia
12My Wife's Friends by Richard Dinges, Jr.
13Timeline by Richard Dinges, Jr.
14At the Moment of Death by Justin Evans
15Pantoum for My Grandmother by Julie Gamberg
16After Indigo by Alan Gann
17Treehouse by Alan Gann
18Walking With Mary by Alan Gann
19Gran Quivira Indian Ruins by Alan Greenwood
20The Church On Eighth Avenue by Dale Jordan Heath
21Descent by Clara Hsu
22Used To Be Shy by Billy Internicola
23The Church Across the Street by Roger Jones
24Work by Roger Jones
25August by James Kerr
26The Mallard by James Kerr
27Diversion by Michael Keshigian
28Vernal Clue by Michael Keshigian
29The Eternal Feminine by Maya Kesserwany
30Substitute Plans For Dying by Mary Leonard
31Maria Ines by Rodney Terich Leonard
32Back Hair by Thomas Luedtke
33Taste of Ashes by Peter Macrow
34A Portrait of the Lynching of William Brooks July 22, 1901 by E. William Martin
35Blueberries by Hallie Moore
36Oak by Hallie Moore
37Coda by Erin Murphy
38In Santiago Atitlan by Erin Murphy
39Studies by Erin Murphy
40Background by Bruce W. Niedt
41Let Me Wake by Chad Prevost
42Looking for a Miracle by Chad Prevost
43Nature's Decorations by Barbara Ann Smith
44The Hush Is Carnage by Barbara Ann Smith
45Desire for the Botanist by Cheryl Stiles
46Odonata Prayer by Cheryl Stiles
47Other Journeys by Kevin Teuscher
48Boston Evening by Nazarena Washburn
49Mourning Moon by Mike Wiegand
50Painting the Kitchen Red by Mike Wiegand
51Red Rover by Mike Wiegand
52Shiksa on a Box by Lori Williams
53Record Player by Wendy Wisner

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