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This issue guest edited by Solana DeLámant, MFA

1Light of the World by Sofiul Azam
2Sailboat by William Bain
3Liver & Onions by Nathan A. Baker
4Against the Wall by Rebecca Balcarcel
5Still Waiting by Matthew Bono
6Anthropomorphism, Or Could Psychoanalysis Help Our Cat? by Bob Bradshaw
7Mismatch by Bob Bradshaw
8We Want To Remain What/How We Are* by Jeffrey Foster Burr
9City Square, Late Autumn by Graham Catt
10Some Facts About Snakes by Graham Catt
11Dripping Wet by Louie Crew
12Halfway Melt by Louie Crew
13My heart skips ten beats a second by Anuja Ghimire
14Losing It by Mark E. Harden
15Girl In A Tenement by Wendy A. Howe
16Speaking Of The Blessed by Wendy A. Howe
17Afterlife by Joseph Kerschbaum
18Displaying My Injuries (tuning a piano with a chainsaw) by Joseph Kerschbaum
19The Moon the Only Witness by Joseph Kerschbaum
20Blue Marsh Lake by Eric D. Lehman
21Leaving the Desert by Eric D. Lehman
22scribe by Christopher Mulrooney
23Just Another Myth by Stanley M Noah
24Iconoclast by Karen Bingham Pape
25Chess by Rachel Patterson
26Babel by Martin A. Ramos
27Pray Relief by Judah Skoff
28The Work of Art by Sidney Lamar Smith
29Nevertheless— by Alex Stolis
30One Night by Janice Krasselt Tatter
31Suppose by Janice Krasselt Tatter
32Tabu by Janice Krasselt Tatter
33Cabin on Lake Lucerne by Mary Wehner
34God Speed by Zhuang Yisa
35Headlight by Zhuang Yisa

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