Red River Review - May 2001

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1Pastime by Joe Aires
2Roderic, King of Spain: A Dream for the Doom by Jeffrey C. Alfier
3Dog by David Charles Anderson
4Playing God by David Charles Anderson
5How we argue by Richard Ballon
6Over Easter Dinner by Richard Ballon
7Slap! by Richard Ballon
8Christmas Cactus from an Estranged Friend by Kathryn T.S. Bass
9Murder by Kathryn T.S. Bass
10Step on a Crack by Marilyn Bates
11The Altar by Ellen Bihler
12While Stacking Cans of Vegetables by Ellen Bihler
13Monday Afternoon by Jenn Brown
14Plato's Diner by Jenn Brown
15Oklahoma Blizzard ( Man Found in Spring) by Michael Catherwood
16The Hobo Dreams by Michael Catherwood
17Morning by Patricia Chaffee
18Regional Poem by Carol Church
19Rock Creek by Carol Church
20The Regional Dialects of Songbirds by Christopher Corbett
21Zoloft by Christy Cottle
22The art of licking… memories by Virginia Cubillán
23Stanzas by Catherine Daly
24Don's House by Robert H. Demaree Jr.
25The Adirondack Chair by Robert H. Demaree Jr.
26The Hanover Golem by William Doreski
27The House Next Door by Laurie Ellwood
28Unexpected Proposition by Jason Emerson
29Vice by Jessica Evans
30High School Reunion by Nancy Laumbach Fay
31Wish I Could Dance by Larry L. Fontenot
32Quartet by Rebecca M. Frank
33A Room on the Twenty-First Floor by Elizabeth Hebert
34Drumbeat For Ezra by Leslie Woolf Hedley
35Reading a Dream by Roger Jones
36Losing My Wallet by Roger Jones
37Synergist by Michael Keshigian
38Two-Step by Michael Keshigian
39Grasp by Tracy Kirk
40The Twenty-First of March by Tracy Kirk
41Beautiful rain by Mary Leary
42The Stars Look on in Wonder by Mary Leary
43Warsaw Souvenir Shop by Barbara F. Lefcowitz
44Picasso in Paradise by Karen Lewis
45Such October Pain This Day by Joanne Lowery
46The Catacombs, 1973 by Linda Mastrangelo
47A Mercy by Jesse Millner
48Unfinished by LouAnn Muhm
49After Midnight in the Mountains by Nick Norwood
50Hill-Climbing by Nick Norwood
51Puddles by Rachel St. Patrick-Davy
52History Lesson, North of Whitby by Rhonda Pettit
53South-Bound Steam Engine: An Elegy for Sonny Liston by Wayne Presley
54Doppelganger by Kirie Reveron
55The Singing by David Ritchie
56Father and Son by C. Rohrbacher
57Still Life with Boy and Trees by Travis Ian Smith
58Professor by Thomas Stein
59Property Development In South America by J. Tarwood
60At Synagogogue by Jean Trounstine
61In the Mirror by Jean Trounstine
62The Language of Cancer by Jean Trounstine
6303-27-98 by Stephen S. Vanek
64Harvest Moon by Anca Vlasopolos
65Museum Finds by Anca Vlasopolos
66Sound Track by Anca Vlasopolos
67A Mild Interruption by James Wackett
68Security Guard by James Wackett
69Like Snow by Lisa Walsh-Miller
70Poem on the Fly #1 by Lisa Walsh-Miller
71Back Porch by Mike Wiegand
72Absolute Zero by Jo Wynaden
73Hail Kissinger! by Alexandra Moss Zannis

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