Red River Review

Welcome to our May 2017 Issue

1Migratory Patterns by Carol Alexander
2Leaving by Gavin Austin
3Eventless by Sheikha A.
4Preserver by Mark Bennion
5Jade Mornings in Dark Alleys by Rose Mary Boehm
6Formerly Thought to Be Love by Christine H. Boldt
7Twist by Claire Vogel Camargo
8Autumn Moon by Vincent Canizaro
9Terminal by Michael Catherwood
10Cannibal by Sara Clancy
11Junior High Orchestra Concert by Diana L. Conces
12Momento Mori by Chet Corey
13Neighbor Girls by Chet Corey
14A Gift of Beaches in a Bag by Joe Cottonwood
15one hob by Gareth Culshaw
16The Written Word by Terri Lynn Cummings
17The marina’s moods by Michael J. Galko
17Cat in Barn by Richard Dinges, Jr.
18Butterfly Knife by Julie D Gates
19Quit by John Grey
20Even Now by Patricia L. Hamilton
21Passive-Aggressive Handbook Ch. 17: Violence Against Women by Patricia L. Hamilton
22Go Ahead and Paint Yourself Into a Corner, Lee Lozano by Kathleen Hart
23tigerish farce by Michael Helsem
24Cinderella at Cavenders Western Wear by Katherine Hoerth
25Pendulum by Cindy Huyser
26Spring Cleaning by Cindy Huyser
27A Hot Summer Night After Wine by Michael Keshigian
28Settling by Michael Keshigian
29Poof! by Marc Livanos
30The Poetic Process: Dip Your Hummingbird by Hillary Lyon
31Self-Portrait in bullet hole by Christopher McCarthy
32Keys by Mary Ann Meade
33To Death by Peter Micic
34Napoleon Said by Ralph Monday
35Radio Waves by Ralph Monday
36Stacking Wood by Ralph Monday
37A Hard Word to Say by John David Muth
38Christians can't say the F-word by Jef Peeples
39At Last I Can Start Suffering by Charles Rammelkamp
40Haibun by Martin A. Ramos
41The Anthropocene by Sonny Regelman
42On Pastured Ridge, I Watch Kanawha Sky and Listen as Life Erupts by John Timothy Robinson
43Spring Flooding by Russell Rowland
44Surprised By Spring by Russell Rowland
45A Different Walden by Michele Waering
46Cemetery Road by Mary Wehner
47Moment in New York by Richad Zaner
48Gonna Be A Doctor by Richard Zaner

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Thanks to
Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.