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This issue guest edited by Alan Gann

1Swans on Avon by Jill C. Alt
2At Five In My Bedroom by Lana Hechtman Ayers
3Silverhawk by Nathan A. Baker
4A Modest Proposal by Alan Berecka
5Leftovers by Alan Berecka
6Bird in Hand by Beau Boudreaux
7Egg Shells by John Bush
8Father by Michael Catherwood
9A Desirable Consistency by Cheryl Chambers
10Anniversary by Kevin Conder
11Self Portrait by Kevin Conder
12Conglomerate Rock by Chris Crittenden
13Eighth Avenue Zen by Liz Dolan
14Holy Day by Liz Dolan
15Taking Turns by Liz Dolan
16post-first-date-jitters diary october 2006 by Deidre Elizabeth
17Nobody Too by Alan Greenwood
18Love Letter From a Film Noir Femme Fatale or Hitchcock Had a Dirty Dream by Christy L. Hopper
19"I can’t believe I fell for this shit again." by Christy L. Hopper
20The Pelion by Steven Joyce
21(for Aleda) by Brian Katz
22The Day We Lost Pluto by Lori Kean
23I Am Counted by Joanne Lowery
24The River's Green Mouth by Michael Mirolla
24Word Smart by Steve Mandes III
25String Theory by J. Alan Nelson
26Upon Reaching a Birthday by Christopher Noble
27Nirvana by Diana Raab
28The Air You Breathe by Diana Raab
29Picture on a Bangkok Elephant by Nancy Schleifer
30For All Those Who, Like Me, Never Made It To The Bridge by Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb
31The Arranger by Carl Slater
32Waiting for Rats by Karen Stromberg
33Past the Imaginary Line by Elizabeth F. Szewczyk
34Night Shift by Pamela Uschuk
35I'm Returning Home, Father by Michael Vizsolyi

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