Red River Review

Our featured poet for November 2013 is Nathan Brown...

1Baylor by Nathan Brown
2Complicated by Nathan Brown
3Condolence by Nathan Brown
4Editor by Nathan Brown
5Eulogy for a Bastard by Nathan Brown
6Recovering by Nathan Brown
7A Handsome Lizard by Kevin Acers
8Getting Unfriended by JC Alfier
9What that woman did to me by Jake Baccarat
10Ponder by David Bart
11Reward by David Bart
12News Item by Dennis J. Bernstein
13Chicken Broth by Steve Bertolino
14Letting Go by Steve Bertolino
15Mother in Easter Pink by Rose Betit
16In Praise by Alan Birkelbach
17The Veritable Speed of Light by Alan Birkelbach
18Vigil by Alan Birkelbach
19Craft by David Bowles
20Dark Blot by David Bowles
21Making a Man by David Bowles
22The Archaeologist's New Assistant by Bob Bradshaw
23Murder of Crows by Erin Brown
24A Holiday Wish by Mark Butler
25Post Office by Michael Catherwood
26John-John by Hal C Clark
27Evening Shift, Texaco: 1953 by Alice Collinsworth
28Down Jacket in Back Seat by Bebe Cook
29Cartography. by Logen Cure
30San Antonio, Late Afternoon by Jim Davis
31The Bone Church by Lindsay Doukopoulos
32Clinic by J.K. Durick
33How I Learned to Dance by Bennett Durkan
34Prufrock’s Teddy Bear by Frank William Finney
35I left Washington long ago by Sam Friedman
36Ladies' Lunch by Naomi Hamilton
37Finally by Marilyn Hammick
38Prospects for Advancement by michael helsem
39Marie Antoinette‘s Angel Food Cake Recipe by Ed Higgins
40Being a loner with an elderly dog by Michael Holme
41Repeat by Carie Juettner
42Flowers Along The Path by Michael Keshigian
43Sweet Pleasure by Michael Keshigian
44Writer by Michael Keshigian
45Turn Away by Steve Klepetar
46Orange is Blue's other Hue by Constance Kramer
47Devil Music by Steve Lambert
48Flower Garden Skull by John McKernan
49Scene in a courthouse conference room by Patrick Meighan
50Starscrapers by Anne Monk
51Gravity by Alexander Motyl
52Unprepared by Barrie Neller
53Spring Songs on Marschall Creek by Holly Noelke
54I Noticed by Marti Noel
55Scrooge by JoyAnne O'Donnell
56Jazz by the Boulevard by Dave Oliphant
57Out on a Limb by Dave Oliphant
58Wildflowers by Eric Otto
59Dancing on the Edge of the Fragmentation Principle by Jimmy Pappas
60Die Chupacabra, Die! by Juan Manuel Perez
61Invisible Man by Gregory Phillips
62Knuckleheads by Jennifer J. Pruiett-Selby
63Backbone by C.M. Rivers
64Casting Obama by Ibrahim Ibn Salma
65Silent Screams by Richard Schnap
66Point Lookout, Long Island by Barbara Schwartz
67A Soft, Sultry Slow by Theresa Smart
68Exodus by John L. Stanizzi
69High Noon on Ocean Drive by Abigail F. Taylor
70Ode to a Head Cashier by Robert Tustin
71Failure by Laura Grace Weldon
72Adieu by Christine Wenk-Harrison
73Big Grandma by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue
74Honeydew by Scott Wiggerman
75The Muse Resigns by Phoebe Wilcox

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Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.