Red River Review

Our featured poet for Aug
ust 2015 is Steve Klepetar...

1In Her Shaking Hands by Steve Klepetar
2Message From Across the Sea by Steve Klepetar
3Season of Ghosts by Steve Klepetar
4Something Burns by Steve Klepetar
5What the River Promised by Steve Klepetar
6Cora's Note by Rachealgrace Adams
7Beginnings (one of three) by Tobi Alfier
8Young Piper and the Large Silver Bus by Tobi Alfier
9To My Father Upon His Death by Leigh Allen
10Cirrhosis Comes Home by Alan Berecka
11Dinner Out at the Buffalo Head with Mom and Dad by Alan Berecka
12Rural Employ by Jeff Bernstein
13Carradine's Eyes by Travis Blair
14Losing My Accent by David Bowles
15Tlacuache, Cornered by David Bowles
16When Crows Fly by Mark Butler
17A Fatal Improbability by Zachariah Crutchfield
18We Caged the Minotaur by JD DeHart
19On the Christening Day of Her Newborn by liz dolan
20Shishito Nights by Wendy Gist
21Why We Go to Horror Movies by Bill Glose
22Conversing With Elizabeth I by Tina Hacker
23The Quantum Physics of Monsters by Zebulon Huset
24The Crowd by Peter Krok
25Shoe-Box Dropped by Hillary Lyon
26Skipping Rocks by Dan Murphy
27Marķa's Alstroemeria by Dave Oliphant
28Old Glenn's Story by Al Ortolani
29Coyote Stands Alone by Elizabeth Perdomo
30Three Favorite Words by Moumin Quazi
31Noon-Light Cowboy by Kevin Ridgeway
32Size Husky by Kevin Ridgeway
33But we had broken up by then! by Jack Ritter
34Pink Felt Hat by Brandi Willis Schreiber
35Cedar-Weeds by Jennifer Sicking
36Settling by Emmaline Silverman
37Down to One by David Sloan
38Threshold Choir by David Sloan
39Spring Procession by Howard Stein
40How Snow Explains Itself by Linda Ann Suddarth
41At Sunset Memorial Funeral Home by Loretta Diane Walker
42Seduction by Loretta Diane Walker
43Turtle Eyes by Diane Webster
44A Day At The Courthouse by Robert Wood
45Be Careful What You Ask For by Robert Wood

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Thanks to
Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.