Red River Review - May 2000

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1Sentiments in Raw Heat by Tyurina Allen
2April Afternoon by Nancy Arbuthnot
3eye on the ball by Sienna Baskin
4Religious Music by Michael Bigley
5poem by Toby Leah Bochan
6It is in dying by Alice Bolstridge
7Guy in Paris by Beau Boudreaux
8Piety and Desire by Beau Boudreaux
9Marilyn and Jonalyn by Deborah Byrne
10Honey by Dane Cervine
11Assimilation by Rebecca Clark
12MOMENTS by Lucille Lang Day
13I Have Left the Moth on the Wall Alive by Rebecca Jean Dosch
14Front Porch at 1:00 a.m. Monday by marion k. dunn
15Ennui by Claire T. Feild
16Sunshine Dried Fuzzy Navels by John Micheal Flynn
17Thoughts Of An Actor Employed As Goofy by John Micheal Flynn
18The Boy Found Floating in Mud by Larry L. Fontenot
19El Parque Central by Kevin Frey
20Lampreys by Kevin Frey
21Stowaway by Marcia Griswold
22I Knew a Black Man by J. Wesley Hall
23At the Audition by Tom Harmon
24Saturday Morning by Tom Harmon
25LIMIT by Dale Jordan Heath
26O'Toole in Heaven by tiff holland
27A Drowning at the Beijing Opera by Li Min Hua
28LUCY by Karen Jobst
29Summer Storm by Karen Jobst
30Akko: The Memory of the Prisoners of the Underground by Steven Joyce
31Flap by Nathan Julian
32Undone Paralysis by Brian P. Katz
33Early Signs by Lori Kean
34In God We Trust by Lori Kean
35The Dead Leaf by Lori Kean
36Vegas by Joseph Kerschbaum
37Ms. Doe by Ron. Lavalette
38What the River Knows by Barbara F. Lefcowitz
39Sweet by Rebekah Love
40Bulb by Tom Moore
41the airplane by J.B. Mulligan
42woodswalking by J.B. Mulligan
435 Haiku Concerning Chicanismo by Daniel A. Olivas
44 The Asking Tree by G.L. Pettigrew
45"Happiness is an Option" by G.L. Pettigrew
46Shovel-song by Eric Plattner
47Perspectives by Gordon Purkis
48Fulfilled by Jennifer Rightmyer
49AN END TO DREAMING by Joanna C. Scott
50REFUGEE by Joanna C. Scott
51Are You Angry When You Write These? by arthur simoni
52AUTOPHILIA by Bradley Steffens
53Broken Glass by Victoria Tester
54Descent by Victoria Tester
55Blue Jeans by Kenneth Wanamaker
56Village Voices by Frances White
57A SMALL BOY by Patsy Ruth Williams
58AN EYE LOOKS by Patsy Ruth Williams
59TEARDROPS by Patsy Ruth Williams
60Dance of the Trees by Sallie Mattison Young

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