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1Carolina Cornfields by Nathan A. Baker
2Waiting for the Vomit Comet by Nathan A. Baker
3Lighting The Interiors by Barry Ballard
4Like Wire Through Sandstone by Barry Ballard
5Temperance by Alan Berecka
6The Low Chair by Beau Boudreaux
7A Fear Of Blindness by Bob Bradshaw
8Jockey by Bob Bradshaw
9Winter Thaw by Nan Byrne
10Bamboo by Vincent Canizaro,Jr.
11Missy by Corry Chapman
12Oats and May by Johnson Cheu
13What the River Said by Cy Dillon
14Photo Album by Richard Dinges, Jr.
15The Color Red by Richard Dinges, Jr.
16Winter Night by Richard Dinges, Jr.
17Birthday Jettisoning by Richard Fein
18Our Daily Bread by Jim Finley
19Dream Diner by Donald Fox
20Funeral Song by Kenneth Hada
21What Was Missed? by Tom Harmon
22With the Son Gone by Tom Harmon
23The Memory Box by Judith Harway
24Sleepless Night by Ed Higgins
25Blue Shadows by Mary D. Holman-Anderson
26Ascending by Christy L. Hopper
27Clementine by Christy L. Hopper
28Photographic Memory by Catherine Jarrell
29Warm Summer Memories by Michael Keshigian
30In the Days Of the Pinkest Shades of Clover by Helen Losse
31Temporary High of Possibilities by Janine Margiotta
32Cancer by Sasha Marine
33Snag by David Martin
34Stars ascend in scales by Patrick Meighan
35Tassajara, 59 degrees by LouAnn Muhm
36The Drive by Tim Muren
37Strong Medicine by Barrie Neller
38"the most insane worship of your life" -Walt McDonald by J. O'Nym
39"the most insane worship of your life" part 2 -Walt McDonald by J. O'Nym
40Starlight Euphoria by Bryan Parrish
41Memorial by Lee Passarella
42Chopping Cotton by Sydney Portilla-Diggs
43Lenten Sestina by Laura Van Prooyen
44Morning Song by Laura Van Prooyen
45The Mind Left To Its Own Devices by Laura Van Prooyen
4612 Reasons the Tea Leaves Might be Wrong by Jayne Pupek
47Walking in the City by Jayne Pupek
48Without by Daniel Rasmus
49Division by Nanette Rayman
50At the Port House by Travis Ian Smith
51Sojourn by Travis Ian Smith
52What I Loved About My Father by Karen Stromberg
53Footwear by Jonathan Tilley
54Manifesto by Jonathan Tilley
55TROY by Estelle Villas
56Adolescence by Kenneth Wanamaker
57Highlights by Kenneth Wanamaker
58Learning To Let Go by Kenneth Wanamaker

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