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0Editor's Note by Bob McCranie
1Frequently Asked Questions About Poems Written About Dick Cheney by Shane Allison
2A Poem for Wandering Thoughts by Andrea L. Alterman
3Memory by Andrea L. Alterman
4Hang Fire by Beau Boudreaux
5Missing Ginny by Patricia Brodie
6No Longer There by Michael Catherwood
7The Art of Finding by Roberto Christiano
8Deaf Escape by Tobi Cogswell
9Red Plaid by Tobi Cogswell
10Don't Jump The Track by Deborah Dana
11Freak Show by Deborah Dana
12How We Married by Deborah Dana
13Embroidery Lessons by Margarita Engle
14Thomas Merton in Cuba by Margarita Engle
15Casting the Ashes by Anne Carroll Fowler
16Decorating by Anne Carroll Fowler
17Grapes with Seeds by Anne Fraser
18Facing East by Nancy A. Henry
19In a Texas Bar (for Don Americo Paredes, 1915-1999) by Rachel Jennings
20Lonely by Rachel Jennings
21The Birth of Texas by Rachel Jennings
22Flood Waters by Steve Klepetar
23Your chapter on emotion and argument by Mary Leonard
24faces by Anthony Liccione
25To The Woman Who Tried To Take My Poems by Damon McLaughlin
26Classroom Anesthesia by Rich Murphy
27Maritime Epistle by Michael Nowicki
28Test by Stephen Payne
29transparency by Sydney Portilla-Diggs
30Psychology of a Spoon by Christina Ranon
31The Distance of Brothers by Thomas D. Reynolds
32Visionary by Brenda Roberts
33Alzheimer's by Scot Siegel
34A Victory Sign by Barbara Ann Smith
35Amtrak Bound for Chicago by Gabrielle Snyder
36Five A.M. by Kathryn Wagner
37Urban Sprawl ( part 2) by Julie Walczesky
38Evening Kept Simple by Ann White
39Just Off The Sidewalk by David Zieroth
40Old Man's Afternoon by David Zieroth

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