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1Watching a Psychopath by Austin Alexis
2Hands of Twilight by Shane Allison
3Contusión de Tejas by Brian Ames
4Outing Great Grandpa by Michael Arnzen
5Folk Art by Laurie Joan Aron
6Paula at Five and Six by Laurie Joan Aron
7To a Father Who Played with his Sons in the Rain (Before 9/11) by Laurie Joan Aron
8AWOL by Victor H. Bausch
9Flack Jacket by Victor H. Bausch
10Spontaneous Combustion by Alan Berecka
11Rice For the Gods by Jennifer Cullerton
12The Experimental Heart by Richard Edwards
13Yard of Beauty by Latorial Faison
14Pale of the Bamboo Curtain by Jerry Hicks
15office mandala by Garth Hill
16Loss of Consent by Blake Hoena
17Dirt Road by Cynthia J Hollenbeck
18March by Billy Internicola
19Cliff by Danell Jones
20At The Vietnam Memorial by David Joseph
21Thinking of Robert Coles at Harpers Ferry by David Joseph
22Feelings from the Old Man by Charles Kesler
23At The Beach House by Joan Payne Kincaid
24Haibun Swan In Orange by Joan Payne Kincaid
25Chinese Bookshop by Barbara F. Lefcowitz
26The City With No Sky by Barbara F. Lefcowitz
27Is She Mixed? by Laura Lyster-Mensh
28Life Is What It Is by Laurie Mazzaferro
29The Passion by Laurie Mazzaferro
30Kiss by Paul McCormick
31Long Distance by Paul McCormick
32Tuesday, 7:32 a.m. by Julia McPherson
33Frass by Corey Mesler
34Desert Canyon by Patty Mooney
35On the Way to the Park by Steve Mueske
36Rummage Sale by Steve Mueske
37Crushed by Dave Murphy
38Shore by Shellie Nicholson
39Insomnia by Karen Bingham Pape
40Flies by Roger Pfingston
41His Kind and Mine by Roger Pfingston
42Near Gessie, Indiana by Roger Pfingston
43Anti-Heroic by Melissa Piontek
44The Last Wave by Michael F. Renshaw
44Rape Me by Melissa Piontek
45A Guided Tour of the Future by Diane Reynolds
46After All by Anina Robb
47An Old Story by Anina Robb
48June 6, 1944 by Matthew W. Schmeer
49Spell (How Grief Works) by Rufus A. Skeens
50Above The Snowstorm by David P. Spencer
51In My Family by Karen Stromberg
52Twilight by Karen Stromberg
53southern-fried theology by David Sutton
54willie by David Sutton
55At The Chagalch'i Fish Market by Brian Turner
56The Pistol Star by Brian Turner
57Cherries by Kami Westhoff
58Unearthing Worms by Kami Westhoff
59Really by Kelley Jean White MD
59Now I Know I Wasn't There by Fred Wolven

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