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1Jimmy's Apartment by Carolyn Adams
2The Language of Recompense by Carolyn Adams
3Homeless by Andrea L. Alterman
4Hookup by Victor H. Bausch
5R&R by Victor H. Bausch
6Torpid Transit by Kate Bernadette Benedict
7Views of a Lover by Toby Leah Bochan
8Apart at the Seams by Beau Boudreaux
9Love in the Time of Colic by Christopher Caldwell
10The Human Creature is a Lonely Being: An Early Christmas Card by Christopher Caldwell
11Oh Squid, My Squid by Rita Rouvalis Chapman
12Post-Funeral by Crissa Chappell
13A Road in the Mountains by Charles Fishman
14Andros Night by Charles Fishman
15Mysteries of Attraction by Charles Fishman
16thanksgiving dinner by judi goldberg
17Missing You by Taylor Graham
18Esso Special by Harry Groome
19City Park by John V. Haynes
20in the company of by Dale Jordan Heath
21Divorce Car by Susan Hoffman
22His Gravy by Susan Hoffman
23Schrodinger's Box by Bradley Earle Hoge
24Road Kill by Clara Hsu
25Escape by Peter Huggins
26Apoplexy by Peter Emile
27The Farm in June by Brad Johnson
28Ladybug by Richard Jordan
29Dark Laurel by Robert E. Jordan
30Solitude by Sree Kanth Kopuri
31September by Tony Leuzzi
32Sometimes by Laurie MacDiarmid
33Foreign Words by Irene Martinez-Audet
34sex and coffee by Alexandra Moss
35Breath by Priscilla Orr
36What We Regret by Priscilla Orr
37Through a Rearview Mirror by Lee Passarella
38Shoulders by John Perrault
39Three That Moved Me by Marc Pietrzykowski
40Preparing for Hangover by Nick Plunkey
41A Marriage by Anina Robb
42Through a Glass Darkly by Dorothy Stone
43Deer Woman at Fifty by Drucilla Wall
44In defense of cloudy days by Emily Wall
45Shouting by Jianqing Zheng

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