Red River Review

1Winter Memories by Andrea L. Alterman
2(Two Dreams) by Jeff Arnett
3Oreo Cookies & Empty Body Bags by Travis Blair
4Evening Window by Vincent Canizaro
5Frank’s Musette Bar by Michael Catherwood
6Dare by Thomas Cochran
7The Coincidence of Castles by Tobi Cogswell
8The Sorceress of Galway Bay by Tobi Cogswell
9Smoking Ban by Bebe Cook
10Anna by Liz Dolan
11Winter, An old whore gone in the teeth by Robert Lee Frazier
12Recovery by Taylor Graham
13The Recycle Yard by Taylor Graham
14The Offer by Michael Helsem
15The Madwoman's Son by Ann Howells
16Raindrops by Oritsegbemi Emmanuel Jakpa
17Straight Up by Catherine Jarrell
18The Incredible Disappearing Billy Hackmack by K B Kincer
19In God's Burning Rain by Steve Klepetar
20During Visiting Hours by Paula LaCour
21Guaranteed by Elizabeth McBride
22Night Of Lebh Shomea by Fran McRedmond
23Tijuana Regrets by Steve Meador
24Wishes And Rose Petals by J B Mulligan
25Catfish Joint on the Red by Nick Norwood
26Moving House by Nick Norwood
27Grandma's Big Chicken Dinner by Robin Offerdahl
28Little Bear Creek by Neal Ostman
29May 9, 2010 by Ben Rasnic
30Divine Trinity by Jack Ritter
31On Learning My Sister Has Cancer by Ysabel de la Rosa
32The Cataclysm by Roger Russell
33Gulf of Maine by Brandon Shuler
34Silent Night by John Lambremont, Sr,
35First Smoke in North Carolina by Cheryl Stiles
36Waitress in the sky by Alex Stolis
37Miss Butterfly is Still Waiting by Abigail F. Taylor
38Mouth by Ramona Tepper
39The Watchman's Report by M C Thomas
40Then and Now by M C Thomas
41 Stop Reading This Poem! by Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue
42The Reata Villanelle by Scott Wiggerman
43Don't Undress My Love by Winston Willis

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Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.