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1Honest to God by Shane Allison
2Palestine Is Destroyed
By US fire Power by Frank Anthony
3US Bomb To End All War
USUN Autocracy
by Frank Anthony
4Dew Point by Laurie Joan Aron
5When Tony Died by Laurie Joan Aron
6Mississippi Mud (Failed Suicide) by Savannah Bobo
7Perennials by Jared Carter
8Resurrection by Kevin Conder
9Sky Burial by Kevin Conder
10Another Call from Crazy Luck to Sour Grapes by Glenda Cooper
11Dinner Party by M. Doretta Cornell
12Night Scene by M. Doretta Cornell
13Symmetry by Jennifer G. Cuthbertson
14A Blank Sheet of Paper by Foster Dickson
15Muddy Boots - A Sonnet by Foster Dickson
16At The Drugstore by Ron Gamache
17In Love's Name by Penny Gerking
18Sliced Lime by Alan Greenwood
19Sputnik by Olga Grun
20Live-trapping the Mice by Judith Harway
21Leap Faith by Roger Jones
22A Zoo by Michael Keshigian
23Hiccups by Charles Kesler
24Memoir of a Little Bundle of Straw by Charles Kesler
25Sometimes Life Gets Its Act Together by Joan Payne Kincaid
26Floors by Tim Mak
27Poem Written For My Grandfather Talking About Suicide by Michael Meyerhofer
28Passing by Jim Moore
29Summer School by Barrie Neller
30The Poet Speaks by Brendan Noonan
31Lucky Bamboo (2002) by Carie Novikoff
32Her Loving Lips by Michael E. Nowicki
33Florence, AZ by Shawnte Orion
34The Sacrifice by Shawnte Orion
35(Black) America's son by Sydney Portilla-Diggs
36How To Kill the Romance by Laura Van Prooyen
37The End of Any Affair by Laura Van Prooyen
38Attention Span by Joseph Radke
39Something different by Hugo De Sarro
40Exhalation by Sue Small
41How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee by Sue Small
42Separate Rooms by Gary D. Smith
43stiff by Susan Stiles
44The Gospel of John by Alex Stolis
45Magic by Karen Stromberg
46Substance by Kevin Teuscher
47Returning by Emily Wall
48After Chaos by Ann White
49Black Point, Oahu 2004 by Kirby Wright
50Man and Nature by Jianqing Zheng
51Fallout from the War by Tony Zurlo

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