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1Site by Austin Alexis
2If You Find Me Dead in a Bathhouse by Shane Allison
3Before Sacrament and Socrates by Jim Amos
4White Out by Laurie Joan Aron
5On the Surface of a Wall Carving by David Ayer
6The Sensient by David Ayer
7In Country We Trust by Linda Bennett
8When I have a girl by J Best
9autumn shades by Molly Boyce
10I write your name/Escribo tu nombre by Don Cellini
11Closing Up October 2001 by Robert Demaree
12Upscale Neighborhood by Robert Demaree
13The Simplest of Aches by Adriana DiGennaro
14Eglise Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet by Michael Estabrook
15Box Trap by Cary Griffith
16Headline by Renee Carter Hall
17Jetski vs Girl by Angela Hamon
18Gathering no Moss by Michelle Hartman
19Manhattan by Nancy A. Henry
20Sister by Larry Johnson
21Trench Warfare from an Ignorant Perspective, pt. 2 by Alexander Johns
22Listening in the Dark by Michael F. Latza
23British Museum by Erika Lorentzsen
24Scrutiny by Helena Minton
25The Gardener and The Bees by Helena Minton
26Friday night by JB Mulligan
27the room that disappeared by JB Mulligan
28Cigar Store Indian by Jason Edward Murray
29Sunday Promises by Jason Edward Murray
30Medicine Mountain by Barrie Neller
31Gladiatrix by Morgan O'Donnell
32There's Been a Shooting by Daniel A. Olivas
33Drying of Wings by Michael E. Palmer
34Exeunt by Michael E. Palmer
35White Noise by LeeAnn Pickrell
36With respect for the lithe and wily specimen that startled me last night by Sara Pipher
37Escapism by Brian Prestwood
38Our Bodies (Conversation between Man and Waves) by Jacob Rose
39Letters To Editors & Wives: No Hero by Robert Sadler
40Version by Amy Schrader
41A Walk by Carl Slater
42A World Apart by Carl Slater
43Insomnia by Cheryl Snell
44Stuck in the Street at Minus Ten by alex stolis
45Exhalations by Gary D. Swaim
46Connecting Flight by Michael J. Vaughn
47Drive II by William S. Webster
48The Crows by William S. Webster
49Chromosome 3: Devotion by Scott Wiggerman
50Waiting to Flower by Winston Willis
51Mariposa Avenue by Wendy Wisner
52Automatic Sons by Kirby Wright
53Brother by Kirby Wright

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