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1Conspiracy by Laurie Joan Aron
2Fishing in July by Nathan A. Baker
3a mind of fire and fieldstone by Barry Ballard
4Moon Light Ride by Penny Bayless
5The Anatomy of Lucifer by Beau Boudreaux
6John Keats by Bob Bradshaw
7The Giraffe by Bob Bradshaw
8High Desert Highway, November by Donna Mae Brown
9the hole in the wall by Graham Catt
10Hooked by Ross Clark
11Garage Sale Artistry by Deborah Dana
12Russian Roulette by Deborah Dana
13Suicide Watch by Deborah Dana
14Everyone Hurts by Richard Dinges, Jr.
15Insomnia by Richard Dinges, Jr.
16Small Town by Richard Dinges, Jr.
17Local Getaways by Kevin Frey
18An Empty Bed by Bill Glose
19Ride by Bill Glose
20Grandma Used to Dress Catfish by Kenneth Hada
21The Witness Tree by Kenneth Hada
22Faking It by Shirley Hamilton
23Just Rewards by Shirley Hamilton
24Rebirth by Shirley Hamilton
25The 100 Beginings by Billy Internicola
25Torrent by Clara Hsu
26Stalled by Billy Internicola
27Romance and Realism by Charles Kesler
28Almost Anything by Steve Klepetar
29April Fool by Steve Klepetar
30Complaints Department by Steve Klepetar
31Five Poems by Steve Klepetar
32The Crows by Albert Lawrence
33All the Starry Fays
by James Lineberger
34Border Ghost of Sonora by Carmen Lupton
35Crazy Woman by Corey Mesler
36On Laetare Sunday by Michael E. Nowicki
37The Estuary by Michael E. Nowicki
38My mother catches sight of me by J. O'Nym
39Kent Island Bird by Lamont Palmer
40Something is Required by Allan Peterson
41insomnia, hot flashes and the change by Sydney Portilla-Diggs
42The Difficulty of Writing Down Certain Stories by Jessy Randall
43Catch by Jason Rawn
44Looking at a Pond One November by Jason Rawn
45Although You Were Late, I Didn't Try to Find You by Jordan Sanderson
46Elia Kazan's Streetcar by Alex Stolis
47Lady Macbeth Moves to L.A. by Alex Stolis
48an empty room, upstate, november, the last grey light of day by John Sweet
49into a house without fathers by John Sweet
50poem by john sweet
51For Michelangelo's David by Kenneth Wanamaker
52July 4th by Kenneth Wanamaker
53Stillwater by Jason Wesco
54Incidents by Jianqing Zheng
55My Wife Believes by Jianqing Zheng
56Poem by Jianqing Zheng

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