Red River Review

Our featured poet for May 2011 is
Alexander Motyl...

1Doors by Alexander Motyl
2God by Alexander Motyl
3Retirement by Alexander Motyl
4Sneakers by Alexander Motyl
5Thank God for the Dead by Alexander Motyl

6escape by anuja
7Five Hesitations by William Aarnes
8Belief in the Seen by Joe Ahearn
9Falling Fields by Andrea L. Alterman
10Tennessee Bastard by Stephanie Bryant Anderson
11Boston won by Tyler Bigney
12Before I Ask to Take Her by Sander Blome
13Bread by Jennifer Hollie Bowles
14The Waitress at the Blue Light Cafe by Tobi Cogswell
15TOD by Chris Crittenden
16Subway Pastoral by Michael Dalelio
17Waiting for the Mail by Tracy Darling
18Truck Crossing a Bridge by Jim Davis
19Wireless Energy Transfer by Daniel East
20{a cubic mile is sufficient to contain one hundred billion souls, provided they are packed tightly, “like anchovies”} by SJ Fowler
21May Day by Bill Glose
22History of us by Sandy Green
23Thought you'd like to know by Sandy Green
24Death Of A Wildflower by John Grey
25What To Do With Intangibles by Michael Keshgian
26Great Poets In Training by Charles Kesler
27Beatrice, After 25 Years of Marriage to Dante by Maureen Kingston
28Stepson by Maureen Kingston
29From this Vantage Point by Steve Klepetar
30Chaff by Len Kuntz
31The New House by Ernestine Lahey
32Durian by Shuli Lau
3313:37 by Alison Mandaville
34Au Natural by Nico Mara-McKay
35Partly Cloudy by Anne McCrady
36a time for planting by Fran McRedmond
37Persephone Cried for Her Mother by Susan V. Meyers
38soft inheritance by Tiffany Morris
39Traffic by Tim Muren
40A Grackle on a Sunflower by Andre John Narbonne
41Plains Prayer by Barrie Neller
4232 Tombstones by Josj Osji
43Perchance to Dream (for Buddy) by E.B. Reid
44By the Wichita River Between Seasons by Ysabel de la Rosa
45no-one notices he weeps by Ian C Smith
46Barefoot in the pasture scorpion of shadow, 1993 by Carolyn Srygley-Moore
47Text by John L. Stanizzi
48Scraping Grace by Michelle Tooker
49I Come From a Long Line of Great Southern Jewels by Anna Lowe Weber
50You Make Me Consider All Things by Cameron Witbeck
51Odysseus at the Open Reading by Robert Wynne
52The Shift of Roles by Jianqing Zheng
53Barren by Anna Yin

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Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.