Red River Review

Our featured poet for May 2012 is
Larry D Thomas...

1For Its Violence by Larry D. Thomas
2Mainers by Larry D. Thomas
3Monhegan Island (Maine) by Larry D. Thomas
4Scrimshaw by Larry D. Thomas
5The Footbridge by Larry D. Thomas
6The Warning by Larry D. Thomas
7Echo by Jonel Abellanosa
8Working Hurt by Carol Alexander
9Rotting Tomatoes by Andrea L. Alterman
10The Art of Baking Good Poetry by Urvashi Bahuguna
11The Summer I was Three by Gloria Bennett
12Castles by Isaac Black
13Soldiers by Ariana D. Den Bleyker
14Coleridge by Bob Bradshaw
15After Six Months of Drought by J. Scott Brownlee
16Goodbye by Hal C Clark
17The Ritual by Corey Cook
18Moon Robbery in Broad Daylight by Dan Corjescu
19In the Garden by Terry Cox-Joseph
20Geraniums by Alixa Doom
21As An Under-Employed, First-Generation, Filipino-American University-Graduate by Dan Encarnacion
22a street known as “gift” by Meg E.
23The Geisha Lamp by Christina Frei
24Every Spring by Alan Gann
25Static Veins by Isabella Grabski
26Studying the Painting by Taylor Graham
27Flapping in the Wind by Ken Hada
28Aftertaste by Libby Hart
29Listening to Sylvia Plath by Libby Hart
30Rocks We Bring Home by Daniel Henry
31The Dream in the Marrow, the Flesh That We Are by J.R. Kangas
32On Broadway by Lawrence Kaplun
33Conception by Michael Keshigian
34Under the River by Steve Klepetar
35Fuyuzakura by Paul Koniecki
36Mesjids of Madison Avenue by Charles S. Kraszewski
37Laundry Squares by Kenley Kristofferson
38I Would Have Loved You Anyway by Len Kuntz
39Lover's Dance by Len Kuntz
40Black Ice in Deaf Smith County by Dave Luciano
41Lhasa Pool by Wade Martin
42Facing twenty-six counts, he leads his elderly mother from the court by Patrick Meighan
43Fortune Cookies by Michael Neal Morris
44Vows by Al Ortolani
45Four Corners by Matt Pasca
46Stalled Convoy, 1942 by Richard Peake
47Rust Belt by Jeannine M. Pitas
48Jesus in Motion by John Reoli
49How to Texas Barbecue a Poem by Jack Ritter
50My Personal Tornado by Jeff Santosuosso
51Between Kansas and Oz by Jay Sizemore
52Daughter As Golden Retriever by Karen Stromberg
53wrong by Ramona Tepper
54To an Ancestor Writing at Night by Reuben Torrey
55All Night by Jean Varda
56After Nine by Mihir Vatsa
57Tres Vestidos de las Muertas by Sylvia Riojas Vaughn
58Barriers by Loretta Diane Walker
59Eaves Dropping On The Wait Staff At IHOP by Loretta Diane Walker
60Pickup Driver by Diane Webster
61Teddy Bear Musings by Diane Webster
62Amtrak going South by Mary Wehner
63Delta Wind by Jianqing Zheng

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Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.