Red River Review

Our featured poet for February 2012 is Ann Howells...

1Jack County--Drought by Ann Howells
2Weatherford--November Rain by Ann Howells
3Two by Two by Ann Howells
4Black Dog by Ann Howells
5At the Algonquin by Ann Howells
6Haad Yao by David Adès
7Single Mother in Traffic by Rick Bailey
8The Life and Opinions of a Tristram Shandy Fan by Alex Belz
9A Siren's Lament by Kelsey Blair
10A Strange Woman's Familiar Scent by Travis Blair
11Listening to Poetry in Vietnamese by Travis Blair
12Identity Replacement by Sander Blome
13Like a Thief in the Night by Amery Bodelson
141944 by Bob Bradshaw
15Homecoming by Kate Brody
16Nightcap by Race Capet
17Three Stones by Lawrence Carradini
18Dead End by Sharon Cramer
19Shoehorn by Philip Dacey
20Crows by John DesCamp
21Frankenwoman by Anna Donovan
22Hope by Christina Frei
23Junior High Koans by Alan Gann
24Evening by Andrew Gjefle
25Night's Thief by Bill Glose
26To a Student Teacher by Howie Good
27The Strawberry Patch by Warren Gossett
28Providence Dawn by John Grey
29Payday by David Groulx
30The Trick by Ashok Gupta
31Scissortail at Sunrise by Ken Hada
32Cats In Bathrooms by Jannine Hadid
33Of Elephant Turds and Poets by Patricia Hanahoe-Dosch
34Infernal Reliquary by michael helsem
35Consolation Gifts by Rich Ives
36darkness at the end of the tunnel by SK Iyer
37vision by SK Iyer
38Uncanny by Sie Tze Jie
39Landlord by Michael Keshigian
40Becoming A Poet by Charles Kesler
41Orchard's Dreg by George Korolog
42Ticket to a French Exhibition for the Blind by George Korolog
43World Peac Pilgrimage to Mt. Baldy (Trying to Scurry Off in the Opposite Direction) by Charles S Kraszewski
44K-418-- Lea Lake, Bottomless Lakes State Park, Near Roswell, New Mexico by Adam Vincent Tyler Kroeker
45Frog Legs by Michael Lambert
46A Bush in Egypt by Michael Lawson
47Ornamental Cherry Tree by Stephen W. Leslie
48Cocteau's Mirror by Hillary Lyon
49Equally Absurd by Hillary Lyon
50The Empty Bed by Rachelle Mathis
51Flags by John McKernan
52A Morning Dialogue by Brett Moseley
53Tea Roses by Barrie Neller
54Pullapart by Michael Pacholski
55Richly Drowned by P K Padhy
56THAT Saturday Night by Keith Pantalion
57The Dragon by Darrell Petska
58"And was not saved. memory" by Estill Pollock
59My Solid Evanesce by Andrew Popper
60catalina by Bella Potter
61"Kubla Khan": A Postscript by Luke Powers
62Storm Advisory: Hazel, Bean & Me by Deana Prock
63The Dilemma of Impressing an Indian Mom in Law by Rinzu Rajan
64A Question of Sawdust by Jeff Santosuosso
65I Am That Penguin by Jeff Santosuosso
66Parable by Richard Schnap
67The Wishing Well by Jim Schneider
68Threshold by Jim Schneider
69Escalators by Eric J. Silverman
70Good Mourning by Vineet
71Your last Note by Arlene j Yandug
72paper trail by Richard Toth
73Respectable by Sanchari Sur
74I Went to the Zoo by Helen Tumlin
75Dahlias by Leah Stenson
76Old Timer's Disease by Ian C Smith
77Dragons at Sunrise by Eva Waldauf
78In Transit by Sanchari Sur
79Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art by Amy Stone
80Amped by Amy Stone
81Covenant by Laura L. Snyder

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Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.