Red River Review

Our featured poet for May 2013 is
Alan Gann...

1After a Question Robin Posted on her Facebook Page by Alan Gann
2Eagle Scout Project by Alan Gann
3Equation by Alan Gann
4Ode to a Bartender by Alan Gann
5Two Paintings on the 4th Floor of the Museum of Modern Art by Alan Gann
6Under the City's Skin by David Adès
7How to Stop Being Broke by Ruth Bavetta
8Doing The Numbers by Dennis Bernstein
9Two Views 0f The All Mighty by Dennis J Bernstein
10Yankee Tickets Are The Bomb by Dennis J Bernstein
11First Time by Rose Mary Boehm
12It's a Wrap by Rose Mary Boehm
13Peace on Earth by Rose Mary Boehm
14We Wanted to Get Lost in Arizona by Jeff Burt
15HD Neglect by Jamez Chang
16August, always between us by Jodi A. Corbett
17Death by Grace Dion
18Haunting by J.K. Durick
19The Dirt Road by Terri Kirby Erickson
20Plant Sale in the Churchyard by Ray Greenblatt
21White Shirts Are Trouble by Lora Keller
22Mid-Pack Travelers by Michael Keshigian
23Verse by Michael Keshigian
24Skin by Charles Kesler
25No Hope of Decline by Adrian Koesters
26The Decline by Steve Lambert
27The Intracoastal Waterway by Steve Lambert
28Things That Go Bump in the Night by Mary Leonard
29The Night Between You by Hillary Lyon
30Walking by Angela McCabe
31Lush by Emily Wolcott Murphy
32This is the house where Adam lived by Barrie Neller
33Sacred Bathing Song by J.Alan Nelson
34After the fever by Erika Nestor
35Courtship by Karen Bingham Pape
36Louisiana One Winter's Day by L. Elizabeth Powers
37Lineman by Martin A. Ramos
38empty swimming pool by Kevin Ridgeway
39Hic by Alexander Kwonji Rosenberg
40Verdict by Richard Schnap
41Gumpdrops and Lollipops by Dawn Schout
42How not to read poetry by Jay Sizemore
43Portrait of a Migraineur by Stephanie Smith
44Protest by Brian Stine
45This is for the blue haired by Robert Tustin
46Old Man at the Door by Larry Verburg
47Wind Riot by Diane Webster
48Driving Through Fog by Laura Grace Weldon
49Sun Worshippers by Rana Williams

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Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.