Red River Review

Our featured poets for August 2011 is
Jeffrey Alfier & Tobi Cogswell...

1In the Month That Would Have Been Our Anniversary by Jeffrey Alfier
2Independence Day Nightfall by Jeffrey Alfier
3On a Pharmaceutical Referral for Ars Poetica by Jeffrey Alfier

4On the Beauty of Loving a Poet by Tobi Cogswell
5Parking Lot Prayer by Tobi Cogswell
6Wrapped in Nothing by Tobi Cogswell

7Two Pictures in a Psychiatrist's Office by Joe Ahearn
8Following the Burglary by Austin Alexis
9Old Shoes and New Shoestrings by Nathan A. Baker
10Springtime at Pleasant Acres by Malo Basich
11Official Business by Dennis Bernstein
12Treading Tomorrow by Ashley-Elizabeth Best
13Sailboats by Sander Blome
14Ground Zero by Jonathan Bolick
15The Diner Waitress by Jennifer Hollie Bowles
16Victims of Time by Niles Champeaux
17In the 36 Days of your Silence by T Nicole Cirone
18The Long Couch in Memphis by Anastasia Clark
19First Job by Thomas Cochran
20Evil Queen by Chris Crittenden
21See by Philip Dacey
22Dress Lashes by Jessica Dendy
23Post Prostate Surgery by Ann M. DeVenezia
24Momentous by David Filer
25Peeping by Casey Francis
26Review Of The Ordinary by Joy Gaines-Friedler
27Paper Dolls by Lucia Galloway
28Smoke Break by Bill Glose
29Bob’s Apartment After Hours by Patricia Grove
30Catharsis by Beverly V. Head
31Robots Who Laugh at Their Own Jokes by Michael Helsem
32Buzzards by Ann Howells
33Train Ride by Ann Howells
34Aether by Meaghan Kelly
35Fishing by Charles Kesler
36Paler Shade by Myra King
37A Footbridge over the Merced, Gazing into the Clear Water by Charles S. Kraszewski
38Elderly Poets by Charles S. Kraszewski
39Rumours Of A First Date by Tammy Ho Lai-Ming
40A Talk with Bill about the Weather by Steve Lambert
41Lunch Menu: Summer, 1977: Cottage Grove, Alabama by Rodney Terich Leonard
42Sea View Window by John Chester Lewis
43Close Cover Before Striking by Karen Lee Lewis
44Arizona, 1 by Hillary Lyon
45Manqué by Sharanya Manivannan
46Dreaming in Spanish by Susan Meyers
47Big Yellow Chair by Patty Mooney
48Suburbia by Patty Mooney
49Railway Trestle by Dan Murphy
50The First Day of Kindergarten by Andre John Narbonne
51Public Spectacles by Brenda Nicholas
52Holiday Morning by Zach Olsen
53Twelve Steps Toward her by Lamont Palmer
54Moonmoth by Karen Bingham Pape
55Christina's World by Martin A. Ramos
56look how far we've come by Marit Rogne
57hot dreams by Jordan A Rothacker
58Saints and Angels by Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb
59Aftermath by Jan Spence
6050's Chicks and Their Mission by James Spurr
61While You Slept Alone by Brenda Stivale
62One more cup of coffee by Alex Stolis
63The Green BMW by Karen Stromberg
64Bruised by Loretta Diane Walker
65At the Small Table by Jessica L. Walsh
66Honk If You Love Billy Ray by Amy S Wilson
67Lunchtime on a Farm During the Chinese Cultural Revolution by Jianqing Zheng

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Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.